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UK Health News
The outbreak of salmonella in England is likely to have come from a single source of eggs, according to Public Health England.
The NHS is to rapidly expand the number of physician associates, who take histories of patients, examine them and make simple diagnoses.
Using both types of polio vaccine could speed up efforts to free the world of the crippling and potentially fatal disease, research suggests.
An Irishman who died after recently returning from Sierra Leone did not have the Ebola virus, health authorities confirm.
Failing doctors could be forced to apologise to patients under measures being considered by the medical regulator.
More people are suffering from malnutrition as a result of worsening food poverty, health experts warn.
One of the US aid workers who recovered from the Ebola virus says he is "thrilled to be alive" as he and another patient are discharged from hospital.
Botox injections - beloved by those seeking a wrinkle-free complexion - may help fight cancer, early animal studies suggest.
Police in Liberia fire live rounds and tear gas during protests after a quarantine was imposed to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.
Northern Ireland's health minister says he will not implement "damaging" financial cuts that would "destroy our health service" and "compromise "patient safety".
Researchers suggest some standard methods to reduce the spread of MRSA infections need to be re-evaluated as they may do more harm than good.
Patients are dying from sepsis because of a lack of effective antibiotics, an expert is warning.
An 18-year-old student has made a scientific breakthrough that could help save the lives of black athletes with undiagnosed heart problems.
Parts of Europe are reaching a "tipping point" where cardiovascular disease is no longer the leading cause of death, a study shows.
People are urged to pre-cook food in the oven before barbecuing it after research finds many Britons make hygiene mistakes when cooking outdoors.
Infusing tiny spheres of gold into the heart of cancer cells may help boost the effectiveness of conventional treatment, according to recent research.
Why does Ebola cause more concern than other deadly diseases?
How football is helping Denmark's homeless
Singer songwriter Anastacia tells BBC Breakfast about her post mastectomy experience and new album 'Resurrection'
More people are suffering from malnutrition as a result of worsening food poverty, experts have warned.
A study in Switzerland says that on average, one British person a fortnight travels to the city of Zurich for help to end their lives.
Recent large contracts are fuelling the debate over competition for services within the NHS.
Following earlier denials, Liberia has admitted that 17 suspected Ebola patients are "missing" after a health centre in the capital was looted.
Women suffering from depression are being encouraged to attend a trapeze exercise class to help manage their symptoms.
Taxes on alcohol sold in shops should be increased to pay for rehabilitation services, according to the Centre for Social Justice.
Sam Bailey spoke to BBC News about his experiences with depression.
Will watching a violent death online cause long-term psychological distress?
Richard Dawkins argues it is "immoral" not to
Ebola crisis has serious financial effect on West Africa
A doctor reports from the Ebola front line
Doctor puts a high-meat diet to the test
Patricia Lay-Dorsey's self portraits have helped her with MS
How trapeze therapy can benefit mind and body
Lesser-known things about Asperger's syndrome
Robin Williams' death has raised questions, says Hugh Pym
The 30-year-old health billionaire you've probably never heard of
Why do many comedians struggle with depression?
Should pregnant mothers be told about 'chance' instead of 'risk'?
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