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UK Health News
NHS privatisation is "being forced through at pace and scale", and should be halted until the general election, says Labour's shadow health secretary.
Most border crossings in Liberia are closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to stop the virus spreading.
Scientists have identified a part of the brain that may help us predict when things are about to go wrong and could play a part in depression.
Poultry processing plants in Llangefni and Scunthorpe alleged to have committed hygiene breaches are rated "good" and "generally satisfactory".
Most people with chronic hepatitis C are not getting treatment which could help clear the virus, an official report says.
Short six-second bursts of vigorous exercise have the potential to transform the health of elderly people, say researchers.
Scientists have found a key cluster of nerve cells that can stop food consumption, according to research in mice.
Around 1,200 people each year are infected with hepatitis E through donated blood in England, a large study shows.
A British team of researchers has developed what might be a simple blood test for cancer, scientists from the University of Bradford say.
A Sierra Leone woman who fled hospital after testing positive for the Ebola virus has died after turning herself in, health officials tell the BBC.
Scientists say they have stumbled upon a common virus that has never been described before.
A pioneering breast cancer treatment that replaces weeks of radiotherapy with a single, targeted shot is set to be offered on the NHS.
Even dimly lit bedrooms may stop breast cancer drugs from working, according to US research.
A report by MPs suggests a lack of female participation in sport has long-term health and social consequences.
Type 2 diabetes is more common in people who work shifts, with effects on waistlines, hormones and sleep increasing the risk, a study suggests.
Smoking, drinking and drug use among secondary school pupils have more than halved over the past 10 years, figures show.
The 12-hour waiting time target for Northern Ireland A&E units was breached more than 700 times between April and June, according to the latest figures.
Scientists at Aberystwyth University in Wales have shown that more bacteria are transferred by shaking hands, than by fist-bumping or high-fiving.
A man with a fly in his ear and a woman questioning if a green potato was poisonous were among thousands of non-urgent 999 calls made to the Welsh Ambulance Service last year.
The risks of a plan to admit fewer patients
The first is the most dangerous of life
Bodybuilder Lee believes he is unable to have children because he has been taking steroids for 25 years.
Former heroin addict Lisa Bryer tells Today programme presenter John Humphrys about her experiences with drugs and her recovery process.
SUP yoga, or stand up paddleboard yoga, involves most of the moves of normal yoga, but is done on a paddleboard in the water.
BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme spoke to one woman who had chosen to end her life after being diagnosed with two brain tumours - and to her daughter about what happened next.
The authorities is Delhi are piloting water dispensing machines to bring clean water to residents.
IOSH's Jane White and London Business School's Lynda Gratton discuss new research suggesting Type 2 diabetes is more common in people who work shifts.
Scientists trying to understand the rise of antibiotic resistance believe pilgrimages could provide clues to the mechanisms behind its spread.
A man who was given electric shocks on the NHS in the 1970's to 'cure' his homosexuality says he 'deeply regrets' it.
How a failing hospital transformed itself
How the sun can damage sight as well as skin
The risks you may face while taking a walk
Preventing injury and illness in athletes
Can it really save the NHS millions?
Trying to save CAR, where fighting spreads like an infection
The man who set up a free school in the 80s
Beauty queen on being abused as a teenager
Why is medicinal use of honey so limited in the UK?
The heroin 'antidote' that can save overdosing addicts' lives
The deadly danger of illegal backstreet buttock injections
What is it and why is it still being carried out across the world?
One man's HIV campaign in Indonesia's Bandung prison
Finding the right drugs to care for Kenya's HIV orphans
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