8th Oct 2009NZATS/ASAPO Conference 2010
The NZATS Annual Conference is being held in November 2010. Why not take this opportunity to escape winter and extend your CPD at the same time. Read more to find out registration details...
1st Oct 2009NPSA RRR on Oxygen Safety in Hospitals
NPSA issued a Rapid Response Report on Oxygen Safety in Hospitals, read this important report outlining actions vital to patient safety.
28th Sep 2009Revamped WHO Patient Safety Newsletter
Take a look at the revamped WHO Patient Safety Newsletter. The September 2009 edition is the first of the new look and features a guest piece by Prof Peter Pronovost of John Hopkins Hospital...
9th Sep 2009Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Newsletter 7 Sep 2009
Save Lives: Clean Your Hands is gearing up to raise registrations. The goal is 10,000 registrations by 2010 and they need your help! Read more...
19th Aug 2009Clinical Board for Surgical Safety Meeting
Read the summary report from the Clinical Board for Surgical Safety Meeting
14th Aug 2009Patient Safety First week, 21-27 September 2009
Do your part to help promote Patient Safety First Week by using the attached step by step guide.
13th Aug 2009Launch of Productive Operating Theatre Programme
The NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement will be launching the Productive Operating Theatre Programme on Monday 21 September 2009
13th Aug 2009Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Update 11 August 2009
As Influenza 1 (H1N1) continues to be a major pandemic influencing the lives of many throughout the world, good hygience practice is all the more important. Read the latest Clean Your Hands Update!
6th Aug 2009NPSA on risk of suprapubic catheter insertion
NPSA have issued a Rapid Response Report on minimising the risk of suprapubic catheter insertion on adults only.
23rd Jul 2009Influenza A (H1N1): WHO Patient Safety Checklist
Read this important notice issued by WHO Patient Safety relating to Influenza A (H1N1)
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