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UK Health News
A new law that would allow terminally-ill patients in England and Wales to be given untested medicines moves a step closer after receiving government backing.
Society is paying a "shocking" price for poor mental health care for pregnant women and new mothers in the UK, a report says.
William Pooley, the British nurse who contracted Ebola while volunteering in West Africa, returns to Sierra Leone to work at a hospital.
A £2m programme using sport to help people suffering from mental health problems is announced by Sport England and Mind.
Treating common ailments like coughs and colds at community pharmacies could save the NHS over £1bn a year, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society claims.
The feeling of euphoria, or high, created by addictive behaviour is less obvious in the brains of problem gamblers, research suggests.
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf says all nations have a stake in the fight against Ebola, which "respects no borders".
By 2020 no-one in England will have to wait more than a week for cancer tests and results, Labour pledges.
Thousands of pieces of counterfeit or sub-standard dental equipment imported from China have been seized by regulators.
Signs warning shoppers how much exercise they need to do to burn off the sugar in fizzy drinks could be a useful tool in the fight against obesity, research suggests.
Ebola screening is to be extended Manchester and Birmingham airports, as a British ship carrying medical teams departs for Sierra Leone.
A spat between doctors and NHS officials about seven-day working has led to the stalling of longstanding negotiations.
A backpacker finds a leech which had been living in her nose for a month after returning from a trip to South East Asia.
A photo-sharing app enabling healthcare professionals to view patients' photos is to be launched across western Europe.
Why does Ebola cause more concern than other deadly diseases?
The wards full of patients suspended between life and death
Authorities in West Africa are struggling to deal with the Ebola outbreak which has already claimed thousands of lives in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.
New research shows a majority of adults think body confidence issues affect people of all ages
Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP talked to the BBC's Andrew Marr about the NHS, Labour's cancer care pledges and the role of the private sector in the NHS.
President Obama has told Americans there must not be hysteria in response to the Ebola outbreak.
More than 12,000 pieces of illegal dental equipment have been seized in the UK in the past six months.
UK pharmaceuticals firm GlaxoSmithKline says its Ebola vaccine will not be ready until late 2015 and is "going to come too late" for this epidemic.
Video conferencing is commonplace in the boardroom but it's now being used to treat patients with kidney failure, in their own homes.
Mum on 'burden' of trying to find disabled daughter work
Why 'Sleeping Beauty' illness is a such a nightmare
What role does wild animal meat play in the Ebola outbreak?
Fiona Phillips on being haunted by putting her parents in a home
We know about Europe, but where does the party stand on health?
Why we don't know how many people Ebola has killed
How soon could there be an off-the-shelf treatment and vaccine?
Why did life expectancy in the US drop by 12 years after WW1
Whatever happened to the traditional 'deathbed'?
Why too few of us are doing enough exercise
How social media affects the way we see ourselves
What is Ebola and how is the disease spread?
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